Creepy, Cute Creations made from the city and from nature.

I want to create and share things with the world! I moved from the hustle and bustle of Manchester City Center to just outside of it on to the edge of a beautiful forest. I get the best of both worlds that way; only 20 minutes on a bus to cultural inspiration and the nature where I live, not to mention the stunning one hours walk in to the city too.
Any idea I have I will endeavor to create something out of it and show it to the world on social media and eventually on to my Etsy shop here.
I have such a huge range of influences and inspiration that I could not at this time pin point my style and what I do, I just do what I do and what I love and I hope that you do too. I started Cthulhu Cat Cult early 2016 after many attempts at trying to make sense of how I wanted to put my work out there. But I came to the conclusion that my business will be as varied and chaotic as my work and my mind so I am just going to put it out that and hope that people will appreciate that.
My workplace now looks out on to the dense edge of the forest, at night I see the bats fly from the eaves of my house out in to the forest and there are cats everywhere. I work at a wooden desk in an office made just for Cthulhu Cat Cult and making my own burlesque outfits. It is in fact the most cluttered room in the whole house, it shows where my efforts go!

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