How Branding and Marketing can be Difficult for the Exploring Artist.

Posted by Holly Williamson on

I have an advanced diploma in social media marketing which taught me all sorts about scheduling great content and the importance of it. Eye catching content is great and it will get you that thumbs up or heart on your profile. But are people really looking at your text? We are taught that the photos need to grab the attention, so people like the photo, but what are you actually saying to your customers? Are they actually reading? 

Here is a great example: I know of one company who posts funny memes as part of their content content every day, these are completely unrelated to the text about their business. However these posts get an exceptional amount of attention therefore growing the visibility of the business and therefore their trade. 

But what if you want to be genuine about your business? I like to lay all my cards on the table so that viewers can see exactly what I am doing. This can be a big NO from marketing and branding experts as this method will lead to inconsistencies. Which yes of course it does! As an artist I am constantly exploring different topics and mediums therefore my social media will never be consistent. It will never have similar themed products photographed in the same way with the same back drop. This is undesirable for branding and marketing however as someone building up an artistic portfolio this content is in fact essential. 


So what are your thoughts? Would you rather see an artist display their journey and portfolio through social media, or would you rather see the final product and find another way to see how they got there?


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